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Find yourself saving your favourite fragrance only for those special occasions due to the small fortune it cost you? Here at we have expertly created perfect replicas of your favourite scents.

Nobody wants to splash out on a fancy fragrance, only to find that the scent has all but disappeared by lunchtime. our oil based fragrances solve that problem. they are alcohol free & with the smallest amount applied they smell stronger for much longer.

We have a catalogue of over 200 grade a+ fragrances at your fingertips.



  • 90% cheaper, 90% same smell

  • long lasting, smell good all day

  • 50ml perfect for travelling / in pocket on night out

  • huge variety of replica fragrances


  • Why does the smell last longer?
    the extracts used in oil based fragrances are more concentrated than in alcohol based perfumes. as the skin naturally absorbs oils, the scent gets locked away in the pores, prolonging the fragrance. alcohol based perfumes wear off much quicker as once applied to the skin the alcohol immediately begins to evaporate.
  • how long does a bottle last for?
    Depends on the user but if applied once daily in the method stated above a 12ml bottle will last around 6 months.
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